Juice Loose - Credits

Developed and published by rockNdevel GmbH

Game idea

Shanshan Xie & David Strohmaier

Programming and game design

David Strohmaier

Environmental assets

Some assets from scirra.com (user/ asset): bilgekaan/ Food & Potion Set (licensed), annondesign/Ice Cream Shop (licensed), cruizRF/10 Game Backgrounds #01 to $06 (licensed)

Game GUI (menu buttons, panels): coronalabs - pzHU - gameart2d.com / Tidy Clipboard - Game GUI (licensed)

Music and sounds

Monkey Drama and CAPTAIN BAD ASS 3 by Eric Matyas

From http://freesound.org/ (user/sound): VSokorelos/Blender.wav, InspectorJ/Slide Whistle, Descending, B (H4n).wav, kiddpark/Cash Register, Sethroph/Glass slide 10, grunz/success

From NoiseForFun.com (Filippo Vicarelli): Evil Laugh,cMad Laughter, Twitch, Wrong move, female breath, yahoo, karate-huh, woman-okay, switch-on


Roof Runners Active from Press Gang Studios (licensed)

Game engine